I began in photography as a picture taker and improved my skills to the point where I did freelance work while pursuing a degree in chemistry. After graduating with a PhD degree in physical chemistry, I accepted a position with a major oil compnay and began a 25 year career specializing in process control and instrumentation. During this time my photography was exclusively recreational with work and family given higher priority. Eventually, my interest in photography broadened to include collecting, buying, selling, and trading photographic equipment. I started GEORGE URY - FINE PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT, LLC 35 years ago as a small hobby business and expanded it after retiring from chemical research.


I have fallen hopelessly behind in acknowledging people's well wishes on my retirement. Please accept my apology if your gracious e-mail did not get posted. I still enjoyed receiving it and smiled when I read it.

As a long-standing customer, I feel a small regret knowing you won't be around to fulfill my camera wish-list anymore. You have always been someone that I could trust; the products you offered offered were always of superior quality...R.D.

The M4-2 arrived today and it is gorgeous...G.D.

George, Late 1980's as I remember, I bought some Bronica ETRS equipment from you. Always kept your web site in my favorites. Always enjoy reading about your inventory. Very happy to know you are happily retiring and doing so with good health. thank you for everything! Best Wishes!...M.M.

Thanks for serving us for so long; it's sad to know you'll close your operation...I.S.

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. It has been a pleasure buying from you over the years. You will be missed!...J.P.

It has been pleasure doing business with you for 20+ years...M.O.

Hello George, congratulations on your retirement. You will be very missed.

Talk soon, and best wishes on your planned retirement, but it's a sad day for the rest of us...M.Z.

Congratulations, George, and thank you for your professionalism and honesty over the years! There are few at your level of integrity and depth of knowledge. Will you remain available via email once you retire?...A.N.

Congratulations on your retirement later this year. I am very happy for you and I know that you deserve this time for new adventures. At the same time, it will be "different" knowing that I will not have you as a source for my hobby. You've been absolutely fantastic! I always admired your professionalism, friendliness and courtesy.
BTW - I've always liked your website. It was easy to navigate and you always provided accurate and detailed information and I was always very, very pleased with my purchases. Thanks!...M.M.

I am glad for you and your future doing what you like and love to do.
I have purchased many cameras and lenses from you and have always been more than satisfied. It is not easy to find a business man with your integrity these days...A.S.

Received the lens I ordered from you last week on Saturday. When you state mint condition it is really mint. The lens looks like it has never been used. It’s nice doing business with a reputable person. Enjoy your retirement...R.D.

It has been a pleasure to do business with you for at least 20+ years and to consider you a local friend :)...M.O.

You will be missed! If George says something is "mint" it's better then new! Great working with you sir...M.L.

Congratulations on your retirement goal. I purchased a few items from you , and was very pleased with the items. I thought your web site was just fine , and a great place to go for the Leica M platform...J.C.

You will be missed by a legion of customers who like myself, have depended on your service , fair pricing and, excellent eye for equipment. I still have every item you sold me over the last 20 years!...D.G.

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. I've been your customer for years and will certainly miss you...N.S.

I wish you the best. I have certainly enjoyed the many years of doing business with you...R.J.

I have been one of your happy customers. I loved that you had items that I wanted, needed and coveted. You have always been very helpful and courteous. You have always been prompt in your shipping and the items you have sold me have been just as you said they were...R.F.

I have always trusted you 100 percent in out dealings. You are a very fine fellow.
I'll miss you!...R.N.

All of your long-time buyers, including me, will be sad when you finally close the doors on georgeury.com...P.K.

Many thanks for all the fine equipment over the years!...M.M.

Congratulations on your retirement! Thanks for providing a professional and reliable place to buy reliable used photo equipment.It was a Pleasure doing business with you...S.B.

Enjoy your retirement, I have appreciated doing business with you for many years...D.L.

You will be missed my friend. I wish you all the best as you continue to enjoy life...G. I.

Just wanted to send my best wishes! You were, and I assume still are, an absolutely class act!...A. T.

I read your retirement notice with mixed feelings... glad for you that you are going to retire while you are fully capable of taking advantage of the newly found free time, but saddened by the thought that I won’t have a “New Arrivals” page to check each day, knowing that there will always be something interesting, and occasionally something compelling, on offer. I wish you the very best of good luck in the future...E.W.

The lens arrived this afternoon. It's as you said almost perfect. Actually it appears as new...N.S. New York

I received the GX8 on Saturday, and it's exactly as depicted - mint...M.S. New York

Thank you for your good service. I cannot wait to trade with you again...R.W.F. North Carolina

Thank you once again, like every time before, the lens came quickly, wrapped perfectly, in mint condition, ready to go. That is the reason you are my first choice and I don't have to look elsewhere. You do it the old fashion way, honesty and integrity...A.C.S. Florida

I just received a Fedex delivery thirty minutes ago. Everything is in order. The exceptional quality of the equipment never ceases to amaze. Thank you very much! I look forward to doing business with you in the near future...A.O.S. District of Columbia

Just received my leica M-4 camera-I'm thrilled-its a beautiful
camera-you are the the most honest dealer I have ever done
business with: A pleasure to do business with:...R.A. New York

Just quick note to let you know I received the equipment, and I am thrilled. It
is beautiful!! You're still batting 1000% with me. Thanks...P.A. Rhode Island

Wanted you to know the order arrived today in perfect shape. Items are better than described Thanks for the very prompt shipping...M.T. Michigan

The Contax G and the 90mm Zeiss lens arrived this morning.
As always, thanks for the fine service and products...R.S. Utah

Thank you once again for your great prices and prompt service...A.S. Florida

I've bought 2 Leica M6s from you, as well as several Leica M lenses and have
always been very pleased with your service. Thanks, George!...R.S. Utah

The camera arrived today in perfect condition, as usual. Again thank you, every camera or lens I have purchased from you always comes quickly and in the exact condition you say it will be in. Doing business with you is and has been a pleasure....A.S. Florida

Hello George, I just received the Nikon D3 camera we ordered from you and it is in Mint condition as you mentioned. Thank you very much for the excellent service....A.G Texas

Thank you for the Nikkor DX 17-55mm f2.8G IF-ED lens which I ordered on Jan. 16 and received on Jan. 20. The lens arrived quickly, well packed and in mint
condition as advertised. From the pictures so far taken, the lens is sharp and
focuses accurately. You provide an excellent service. Thank you....G.T. New York

Just a short note of thanks regarding the 85 and 24 millimeter lenses.
Never a disappointment....D.B. Alaska

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know the Lens arrived safely George. First class service and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you so much! I highly recommend you....M.T. Missouri

The camera arrived safe and sound in your wonderful packaging. You said it was mint in box but it looks virtually brand new. Thank you once again for your excellent prices and great service……A.S. Florida

The ME arrived safe and sound today. Like you said, you can't tell
it from new. I always enjoy dealing with you George. I know I'll be treated
fairly and the equipment will be like you say it is.... J.R. Iowa

Thanks for the lens, it is beautiful -- nay, gorgeous....R.P. New Mexico

You honestly described the product.packed it well.and shipped it promptly. Add me to your list of satisfied customers....J.T. Indiana

The Nikon F w/ 50mm 1.4 lens, as well as, the 105mm arrived safe and sound. Excellent packaging, and each item is remarkable and exactly as I expected. The leather Nikon "F" case and strap are in fine shape. I really enjoy doing business with you...M.R. California

Recently purchased SB - 900 and SC 28 arrived today, excellent packaging and perfect description of condition. You have a class act, thank you....A.B. New Jersey


Thank you for the R5 which is beautiful and just as represented, and very
carefully packed as is customary with your orders....P.S...New Mexico

i'm very pleased with the leica m4 & a 50mm summicron recently purchased. i very much appreciate your honest appraisal and fair pricing, and your personal service is unmatched....S.T. Hawaii

The G2 is just as you represented it, as always. Thank you for
continuing to be the most straightforward, high-quality source...P.S. New Mexico

Thank you for the very fine black paint Leicaflex SL and 60 macro lens. The camera is just a stunner – a museum piece....B.W. Texas

Camera just arrived an hour or so ago, perfect condition as near as I can tell (haven't exactly exhausted my inspection at this point!) It was packaged the best I have seen in a long time, and is in much better shape than I was anticipating it would be. You are now officially my go-to guy when I need equipment. Price was great and the camera is great - I am VERY impressed! Thank you!...B.L. Washington

Received the subject hardware today. Thank you for the superb job of
packaging and prompt shipping....D.D. Colorado

George, Just a quick note thanking you for your expeditious service on my order for Canon flash and Leica rubber eye cup. It is great doing business with you!...R.K. Wisconsin

Thank you very much! It has always been, and it continues to be, a pleasure to do business with you. S.B Texas

Got the camera today. Looks great....D.G. Kentucky

Contax Rx is very nice, indeed!!!
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!....A.B. Michigan

The lens arrived this morning and it is beautiful! I am very happy with it....R.M. Minnesota

I just wanted to state how pleasurable it was to deal with you. The Leica lens you sent to me was as advertised and your prompt payment of the 3 lenses I sent to you was much appreciated....G.B Massachusetts

The lens was delivered today. Thank you for the fast delivery, lens is perfect....J.E. Illinois

The lens arrived, exactly as described, and in fact in absolutely great condition. Thanks, so much. N.S. Arkansas


Received the Leica M3 and 28 elmarit a few days ago. Beautiful. Developed first roll of film from it this morning and it looks great. Thank you for an excellent camera and lens at a very good price. I always know I'm going to get good equipment from you. R.M. Illinois

The Nikon 70-210/4 af lens I ordered from you arrived this morning in perfect condition. Thank you again for your great prices and great service. A.S. Florida

Thanks again - this was my 3rd transaction with you and I've been pleased every
time! A.W. Illinois


I have ordered several pieces of equipment from you over the past several years and have always been pleased with your excellent service. M.N. Minnesota

As usual, I am very pleased with the quality of the items and your extraordinary service. R.C. Massachusetts

Just wanted you to know that I am very happy with the lens I bought.
Thanks. L.B. Florida

Just received the Nikon F and 50mm lens. I have never seen a Nikon F and 50mm lens this mint. This is a classic.
Thanks again, M.O. California

Received the lens yesterday and it is in just the condition you described.
Thanks! A.D. Illinois

Thank you George! package got here and everything looks great! you've really got your business down to an art and i like it! nicely done! S.H. Tennessee

I received the 300mm f/4 AF lens today. When you say mint, you mean mint! The lens is beautiful! A.O. Minnesota

Yes got it. Thanks for your fast shipping, and excellent quality merchandise. It is a pleasure to order from you. S.B. New Jersey

Yesterday late afternoon your package arrived in perfect shape - what a beautiful lens! Many thanks for it and the smaller items. P.R. California

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Phone 847-242-9945   Fax 847-242-9946   E-mail georgeury@aol.com

The Green Bay Road address is my business address for shipping and receiving. It is not a walk-in retail showroom with items on display.